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What is the Internet Insurance? What is the Internet Insurance?
The Internet insurance – what is it and how to describe it? The world network knows no limits and has already occupied this niche.... What is the Internet Insurance?

The Internet insurance – what is it and how to describe it? The world network knows no limits and has already occupied this niche.

Internet Insurance

Some 10 years ago, online shopping was something from the fantasy world or shots from Western films. Now almost every person in the world at least once ordered goods on the World Wide Web. We are used to buying not only equipment, electronics, clothes and shoes, but also services such as theater and cinema tickets, tours and hotel accommodations, entertainment, credit cards and insurance. Everyone can find an author for the academic work, for example here–, the Internet does not know limitations.

Today we want to consider a relatively new service that can be ordered online. If a person does not risk anything, ordering online banking – a credit card or an application for a credit in the same financial area, then there is a certain risk of falling into hands of unscrupulous players in the case of acquiring insurance.

In order to define this concept, we suggest recalling terms that make it up mean, and then we will try to present them together.

So, from a user’s point of view, the Internet is the ability to receive and transmit virtually any information anywhere in the world from your computer, no matter where this computer is located – at home or in the office. From the point of view of business, the Internet is a chain of computer networks that can be considered as the simplest and cheapest means of exchanging electronic information between business and the rest of the world.

The insurance– the desire to satisfy your need for security, resulting in a contractual financial and economic relationship between the willing to insure (the insured) and the seller of insurance services (the insurer).

Analyzing the above, let us try to define the Internet insurance. So, it is a complex of interactions between a company and a client that arise during the sale of an insurance product and its maintenance using Internet technologies as the most convenient, fast and cheap means of information exchange.

WhyIs Internet Insurance Profitable?

It is built on a low-cost model that is focused on providing a fair value for the product. It is achieved by not having to maintain a network of offices and branches, thousands of insurance managers and agents, moreover, online insurance does not require extensive advertising support on television or in outdoor advertising. Therefore, the proposed price is below the market by 10-20% on average. In this model, the price of the policy is the direct cost of the insured risk with the planned margin of the insurer. Only by buying an insurance policy online, you can be sure that you do not overpay for a beautiful signboard and for two managers that are sitting in the office.

Why Is Internet Insurance Convenient?

The conclusion of the transaction and execution of the contract of insurance occurs through the Internet or by phone. At the same time, clients do not need to spend their time visiting the insurance company’s office and specifically negotiate with the agent about the meeting, at which to fill piles of documents and again spend their time.

To apply for a policy, the client needs to go to the insurer’s site in a free minute at work or at home and leave the required data in the application. Further, depending on the type of the insurance, the policy can come to the post office (going abroad), can be delivered by courier or postal service to the specified address (the property) or the manager will go to the client to inspect the car.

Online insurance is a modern way to get better protection for your car orhome in a few minutes, and it is better to spend the saved time on pleasures of life.